Message from the club president

We had a great Club meeting this month (May 2022). We had 9 members present (3 of them were Club Officers), so we could conduct business.

We voted  to get the ARRL insurance at a cost of $200 dollars per year. Rusty told us that we did not have $200 dollars in the treasury. Erwin started it off by putting 10 dollars on the table. Then a bunch of us followed his lead and we had enough to pay for the Club Insurance in a short time.  We have a great bunch of people in our Club.

We discussed 2022 Field Day, If you are having problems with your equipment, this is the time to reach out for help. There is still time to fix problems.  Also, you may want to consider buying a band by pass filter. I also want to remind everyone, you do not have to stay all night to be a part of Field Day. If you have some free time, work things out with another member and share the air time.

Another important topic I wanted to let everyone know, is that the ARRL is giving out $500,000 dollars in grants to Clubs that qualify. I am going to fill out the paperwork and try to get us a new Motorola Repeater and 4 bay antenna. The Chief said we can put a new antenna on the big wooden pole next to the radio tower. They will even use the ladder truck to help put it up

Our test session went good. We had 1 candidate from Ballston Spa who passed the technician test and will be getting his license soon.

73 Paul W2POL