VE Testing Sessions

Join us for a testing session to obtain a new amateur radio license or upgrade an existing license. We have a test session once a month directly following our club meetings. This occurs the 3rd Saturday of every month starting at 10:00 am. If you are visiting to take a test feel free to come early and join in our normal monthly meeting.

Check our EVENTS list to find a date that works for you and please register for an exam by choosing the date you are interested in attending and filling out the form.

What to bring to the test session

  1. Two number 2 pencils
  2. A photo ID (if no photo ID is available, 2 other valid forms of ID outlined here)
  3. If upgrading license, please bring copies of any CSCE’s and a copy of your license. Bring copies you can leave as we do not have a copier onsite.
  4. The test fee is $15.00 and we can accept cash or personal check/money order payable to “ARRL/VEC”
  5. You may bring a calculator with memories erased and formulas cleared

           FCC Registration Number (FRN):  Examinees are required by
           the FCC to submit your FRN with your license application form.
           New license applicants must create an FCC user account and
           register their Social Security Number (SSN) in the FCC Commission
           Registration System (CORES) before attending exam sessions. 
           Registrants will be assigned an FRN which will be used in all license
           transactions with the FCC. For instructions on how to register your
           SSN and receive an FRN from the FCC, visit the CORES Registration
           page and the FCC’s Registration instructions page.
           Per FCC rules, a valid email address is also mandatory on the
           application form to recieve FCC correspondence, including the official
           copy of your Amateur Radio license.