Welcome your new Secretary!

Joy Karns (KE2ATU) is a fairly new member but quite active with our club. Joy joined us for our technician class looking to get her ticket into the hobby. Joy was a model student participating in all discussions. It paid off as she passed the test with ease. Asking questions and participating in club meetings while continuing her study, Joy passed the General test the following month. Joy also participated in a couple events shortly after. The “Tour De Cure”, and the 2023 Simulated Emergency Test.

When I asked Joy what some of her interests are and what brought her to the amateur radio hobby, she replied with the following:

“I have been married to the love of my life for 33 years. He was the one that encouraged me to become a ham operator because he felt that one of us should be licensed. I’m very new to the ham radio world and appreciate how helpful everyone in the club is. I have a lot to learn, but I’m having a ton of fun and slowly learning how to ham it up! I’m coming to the end of my journey of homeschooling our three girls for 25 years. In addition I’m a seamstress, quilter and sewing teacher to both kids and adults.”

I for one thank her husband for encouraging her to pursue this hobby as she brings a lot of character and good will to the group. We need more like Joy in our club. Please take the time to congratulate her on becoming a HAM and taking on the responsibility of club secretary for us. I know she will be a valuable asset moving forward!