Eastern Fulmont ARC Tech Class Training at Galway Library

We have completed our first Technician Class training course this past weekend. We had 10 students, 6 of which took the test directly after the class earning their tech license. Congratulations to all of them. We held the class for 3 days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and ended with a test session Sunday afternoon.

Many of the club’s members assisted in the training and we had great feedback from students to help us improve the process. Hopefully we can set another class soon and keep helping out the candidates understand the material needed to get a license.

Instructors and coordinators: Rusty Seastrum (KE2PW), Joe O’Neill (KB2TJE), Gerry DeCusatis (KD2UTL), Dan Ziolkowski (KC2STA), Alan Waschak (KD2RAI), Scott Turner (W8NUD), Paul Palmatier (W2POL), Randy Williams (KD0DLW), and JP Plante (KC2NIK)